Technology facilitator Andrea Hundredmark's story

Hands down, Brogden is one of Durham’s most successful middle schools. The typical measurements that dictate the “quality” of a school do not take into account many aspects that gauge the true success that is taking place. For starters, if the public were able to see the educational growth that our students show over their three years at Brogden, our walls would be lined with even more awards. Brogden serves a student population along an extremely varied socio-economic spectrum. I’d be willing bet that Brogden serves one of the most diverse populations of kids, from the Croasdaile neighborhoods to the streets of East Durham.

The greatest thing about our diverse family is how our school is able to successfully cater to needs to all of our kids…From our NCVPS class offerings for those kids in need of an academic rigor outside of the traditional middle school curriculum, to the inclusivity of local non-profits (such as Trips For Kids – Triangle) whose focus is on helping our most “fragile” kids. You’ll be hard pressed to find another middle school doing as great of a job actually meeting the needs of ALL of their kids.

from Andrea Hundredmark on Thursday, July 29, 2010

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