Teacher Sarah Myrick's story

Eastway is a special place. In my time there, I have had so many amazing experiences and met some wonderful people. The staff at Eastway is so incredibly hard working. It’s not uncommon to have the building open past 6:00pm for basketball practice, parent workshops, or literacy nights. I have never seen a group of more dedicated people, and everyone is dedicated to two things: first and foremost, educating children, and second, growing and improving. We know how to look at the things we need to improve on, make the changes we need to make, and see the positive effects of our hard work.

All staff are treated equally, and administration is wonderful. It is wonderful working with people who support you and help you to learn and grow. Sure, I’ve had my challenging days, and sometimes even challenging weeks. But it always comes back to one thing: the kids need me, they need us. I wouldn’t want to teach anywhere else at this time in my life because I love going to work every day and knowing that I am making a difference. I value Eastway because it gives every student the opportunity to grow, learn, and thrive. I appreciate Eastway because it has made me the teacher that I am. It is a wonderful place to be!

from Sarah Myrick on Friday, July 16, 2010

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