Student Jalen Baker's story

As a student of JDC-ECHS, I really value everything this school has to offer. Through out my journey in high school I have been through many things, but I feel like it just would not be right if it was anywhere else. Thanks to the small school setting JDC-ECHS provides, it is very easy for you to always to go to any teacher and ask them for help or guidance whenever is needed. All of the teachers and administration are always on hand and ready to assist.

Also being on a college campus helps us as students as well, simply because it also allows us to mature a lot quicker. The school readies us for the college environment, and once we get there we are definitely ready for whatever comes our way. Sometimes we even outweigh the traditional college students themselves because we are more than prepared for the academic college environment.

from Jalen Baker on Monday, July 19, 2010

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