Student Asia's story

I really appreciate having a program offered like CMA in the Durham Public Schools system because it gives those children who have a passion for medicine get a head start. While there are also some students who aren’t at CMA, we will still be a little ahead of them in the long run. I appreciate wearing the scrubs because you don’t need to worry about what you are wearing the next morning, because it is exactly the same. I think I am very fortunate to be a student at CMA because there was a chance that I wouldn’t get in, but I got accepted. I have always had a passion to help people in some way…many people have given up their lives as a hero to help someone and that is exactly what I am willing to put forth, MY LIFE! Again, I say CMA is a program you are going to expect everywhere, and wherever it should be a successful program.

from Asia on Friday, June 10, 2011

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