Story from Principal Kecia Rogers

The multiple successes at WG Pearson cannot be measured by tests alone. Many of our students successfully collaborate, compete, engage and perform across district as well as in and outside of the state of North Carolina in both academic and visual/performing arts opportunities such as Odyssey of the Mind, Junior Achievement’s Biz Town Economics Finance simulations, the musical production of 101 Dalmatians performed center stage in Downtown Disney, Orlando Florida, as well as our elementary students placing in the DPS Middle School Honor’s Band and All-State Band competitions just to name a few. Needless to say, we are very proud of the hands-on and minds-on learning experiences we provide here at WG Pearson. Most importantly, we are proud of our students!

The gifted and talented magnet school program is founded on the belief that all students possess gifts and talents that need to be identified, nurtured, and rewarded. It is the responsibility of educators and parents to identify these gifts and talents and to provide an educational program that develops them. Because the gifted and talented magnet school addresses the gifts and talents of all children, there are no performance measures, auditions, or tests that need to be passed before a child is accepted into the school. Some children may have gifts and talents in one or two areas, others, in a wider variety of areas. The gifted and talented magnet school is open to any child whose parents would like for him/her to participate in the program. The philosophy of the gifted and talented magnet school is put into effect through the structure of the curriculum and through instructional techniques. The curriculum design advocates a “choice” model for students and parents. It provides them with options and alternatives for learning and is designed to accommodate varying types of gifts, talents, strengths, needs, and interests. We invite and welcome you to come by and visit our school.

from Kecia Rogers on Sunday, July 25, 2010

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