Story from parent Sherika Oliver

My son’s Social Studies teacher last year was absolutely great. My son is a talker and being a talker, sometimes causes problems. She kept him motivated and busy all year long and she really was a huge influence on how he perceives school. Since being under her teaching he has done extremely well in social studies and receives an A every quarter. Her ability to change and encourage made his learning more interesting; she not only focused on social studies but she went a step further when she called me over the weekend to let me know that there was a science opportunity he could participate in since he wanted to become a engineer.

I was very pleased of this action and told everyone that she did this. This situation allowed me to think about how teachers valued education years ago and she cared enough about his talents, education, and saw something in him that others overlooked because of the talking. Going the extra step means a world to us parents but it makes a huge difference in the student and their confidence level to achieve! My hat goes off to her and for the teachers that take teaching as a life changing experience for their students rather than sticking to the phrase, “It’s not my job, I have to many kids to teach!” Thank You!

from Sherika Oliver on Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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