Story from parent Nicolia Madison-Connor

I wanted to take the time to express my most deep and sincere thoughts on how Hillside NT High School has affected my daughter Chelsea S. Madison. During Chelsea’s elementary years she was an exceptional student. When we moved to Garner, NC and she began school, her grades, quite honestly were very disappointing from a parent’s perspective. However, in her words “I’m doing my best”! I knew this wasn’t accurate and I felt she was conforming to the pressure around her to do what I call “play up dumb”! I’ve always known Chelsea was a beautifully bright young girl and for some reason, she had a hard time fitting in with the kids in the Garner school system. Pretending to be “less than” somehow made her more acceptable but tore at my heart because I could see where this was heading. When I wed and we moved to Durham, NC, my hope was this would be a new start for Chelsea and THANK GOD this is what has happened.

Hillside NT is truly a God thing because quite honestly, I literally dialed the wrong number when I became aware of this school and program. When I was trying to transfer Chelsea I thought I was calling the regular Hillside High School. Upon speaking with the young lady answering the calls, I found out about NT. After speaking with Dr. Logan, I received chills and I knew this was where Chelsea needed to attend school and I thank you so much Dr. Logan for accepting her even though we were well past the deadline of admission. When Chelsea came to your school she was pretty much failing Algebra (a “C or D” in my household is failing as far as I am concerned) and the only class she was excelling in was English. I do not know if you are aware of her current grades, if not go into [computer program] Engrade!! Chelsea has ONLY “A’s & B’s” and she has an “A” (100%) in her Honors Geometry class!!!! I feel like crying all over again as I write this, not because I am so proud of her but because SHE is so proud of herself! She went on Engrade the other night and could not contain her joy when she saw all of her grades! She began calling her Aunts & Uncles to tell them about her grades but especially her math grades! For the first time since Elementary School she could not wait to receive her report card. I knew this time it would not be one I had to ask to see numerous times because she did not want to show it to me. I am so thankful for Hillside NT High Schools program and the change and joy Dr. Logan and his wonderful teachers have reached in and pulled out of my child. I knew it was there all of the time and now she, herself, knows this as well! Continued blessings to you and all that you do to help children succeed….

from Nicolia Madison-Connor on Monday, November 8, 2010

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