Story from parent Nick Tennyson

As veterans of Jordan (we had enjoyed the experience with two sons attending and graduating in the past), we have been pleased to see that the excellence of the academic offerings and the high level of concern for student achievement has been maintained. The workload that our children have taken on with various AP classes has been amazing to me and has resulted in some interesting conversations around the dinner table as we find that we have independent thinkers on our hands.

Durham Public Schools serves my family well. Each of my children went through K – 12 (well, 11 so far for the last one) in DPS. Our sons are now graduates of Wake Forest University and Duke University and they consistently refer to the feeling of having been prepared for college – more prepared than many of their classmates, as a result of the experience they had at DPS. Life lessons were taught by their academic courses, but as often by the broad range of classmates they had along the way. Durham is fortunate to have a broad range of educational choices – including a wide range of choices in the public schools. I’d urge every parent to give DPS a try.

from Nick Tennyson on Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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