Story from parent Michelle Jackson

The best thing about Hillandale is the principal, Mrs. Bates. She is everywhere. Mrs. Bates insists on being involved in every aspect of her school. She solves issues and problems immediately. So many people tell me what I already know about her, and that’s that she is so nice. The staff and students love her. If she doesn’t know who you are, she will get to know you. When we first came to the school she helped us with our son who had been ill at the time and was coming out of the hospital. She took the time to take care of an issue for me right there in her office, and told me to worry no more. She is on every scene. And the most awesome thing she does is carpool every day including directing to busy traffic on Hillandale Rd. when traffic is backed up. With a smile! Wow! And the teachers and staff are all so very loveable. Our experience at Hillandale is great. I look forward seeing everyone everyday. The worst thing about the school is that it stops at the 5th grade.

from Michelle Jackson on Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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