Story from parent Margie Muir, manager of nursing services at Durham Regional Hospital

I have had wonderful experiences having both a son (now 17) and daughter (now completing 7th grade) at Carrington Middle School. More important than my experiences, however, are theirs! Both had teachers that they felt really cared about their success. They loved the arts – Grant had a great time with band, and now Marie loves her art classes. Both had the ability to be very challenged with algebra in the 7th grade, which contributed to my son just completing his AP Calculus courses as a junior in high school.

Carrington sports programs taught them to manage their time with homework. The coaches of basketball, volleyball, soccer and lacrosse taught them as much as their core teachers about important life skills and teamwork. As a nurse, I am keenly aware of safety issues such as soap in the dispensers of the restrooms, and cleanliness of the facility. I recently joked with an assistant principal that I never found the restrooms lacking soap. He thanked me for checking and said to be sure I let him know if there was ever an issue! The halls are clean, and safe. The office support staff members are always friendly and assure proper sign in and out if my kids were ever late with a medical appointment. They will call if your child is out and remind a parent of a needed note. They are part of the caring community at Carrington; always willing to provide information. The principal, Julie Spencer, does an outstanding job communicating to parents regarding all sorts of issues: Her daily Sunday message and printed e-mail “Pawprints” are just a few examples of her communication. Safety and success of each student is her first priority. Carrington middle school is fantastic middle school. I feel very fortunate to have been able to enroll both of my children there.

from Margie Muir on Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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