Story from parent Jill French

I can’t speak highly enough of Hillandale Elementary School. Our oldest child has attended Hillandale for 2 years and has flourished both academically and socially. His teachers have been approachable and very available with any questions I’ve had. They’ve also understood his personality and learning style and have encouraged him accordingly. Our youngest child entered Hillandale shortly after she was adopted from another culture. Needless to say, her transition to school in America has been challenging; every aspect of her young life changed overnight. The faculty and staff at Hillandale have worked above and beyond what I could have ever imagined a school could ever do in helping her adapt, learn and thrive.

I am quite confident that more than one teacher lay awake at night wondering what else they could do to help our child. Her classroom teachers in particular loved her well- gently, but so importantly, firmly. Their consistency gave her the foundation she needed. Lastly, a simple yet telling gesture of Hillandale that I so appreciate is how we are greeted when we walk in the door- everyone knows our children’s names! What a wonderful thing to go to a school where everybody knows your name!!

from Jill French on Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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