Story from parent Don Moffitt

When we were looking for a school for our daughter we visited private schools (Friends, Duke School and DA) as well as Central Park charter. We looked into magnets as well. Then we visited E.K. Powe and got a tour from Jeanne Bishop, the principal, and we went to an information session held in a parent’s home. We heard from parents, teachers and of course Principal Bishop. One teacher there said her children had attended Powe, were now in college, and had been texting her all day with things that she had to remember to share with us. That got my attention—when I was in college, my elementary school was very low on the list of things that got me excited.

We opted for E.K. Powe, and one of the other rising-K parents got all of known incoming kids together for a social, in late spring. We started getting together over the summer, concluding with a potluck Sunday brunch on the playground. Our daughter also went to Stepping Stones over the summer (2 weeks at Powe, sponsored by Duke U). By the time she started class she knew a considerable number of her classmates. Throughout pre-school, every day she came home saying that school was ‘good.’ On the first day in kindergarten she came home, and when asked said it was “goo… NO. It was AWESOME.” (her emphasis). They go on field trips to Ninth St to visit businesses there, come back and build models of them. They built a model of an aquarium, with each child creating a fish and labeling it phonetically. They made things to sell at Multi-cultural Night to raise money to buy a goat through Heifer International. We agree with our daughter—it’s AWESOME.

from Don Moffitt on Sunday, January 30, 2011

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