Story from Darrell Thompson, parent and photography teacher

The unique thing about DSA that is at risk of being lost is the availability of non-standard opportunities. With the seven-period day students have three elective choices. In both the visual and performing arts, they can study one form for up to 4 years. In some cases more. If a student is talented in that area they can fine tune their skills to a point where they are seriously competitive for scholarship money at colleges that will allow them to continue to study their art form of choice.

I had a student who worked very hard in photography several years ago. Her dedication and perseverance paid off with a full scholarship to Maryland Institute College of Art. Her story is NOT unique. Our curriculum is designed to encourage students to make that dream come true and it happens every year. Even if they don’t receive scholarship money they choose colleges that allow them to follow their passions which were founded on their experiences in a DSA classroom. If fewer teachers are here to cultivate those dreams fewer students will acheive them.

from Darrell Thompson on Monday, May 24, 2010

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