Story from art teacher Barbi Bailey-Smith

Little River is a school with heart. Last spring, heavy rains created devastating flooding in Nashville, Tennessee due to the rising of the Harpeth River. Wanting to reach out, to help others, our school community collected $1,175.00 in a week that was sent to help the children at Harpeth Valley Elementary School who had lost everything. In addition, a book reviewer/ author donated $1600.00 of new children’s books that were delivered to the school this summer and will be given to the children and teachers who lost their homes.

We are fortunate to have songwriters from Nashville who come to Durham each spring to help us with a benefit concert to support the Music Program and our school. Thus, the Art and Music teacher wanted to find a way to help give back to their community. The project was called the “River to River Connection,” joining the Little RIVER school with the Harpeth Valley (named for the Harpeth RIVER) has created more positive learning experiences that extend far beyond the classroom. During that collection week, a Kindergartener hopped out of his car holding a zip lock bag filled with coins, and crumpled dollars. He held it up and exclaimed, “Look, Mrs. Bailey-Smith, I have money to help the kids. It’s over $12.00! I emptied my piggy bank to help them buy stuff for school. I have lots of stuff and they don’t.” His mom then told me that he said, “I want to give them my money, and I’m not going to cry about it tonight, and I’m not going to cry about it tomorrow. They need it more than I do.” Sometimes the best lessons learned come from our youngest teachers.

from Barbi Bailey-Smith on Thursday, July 29, 2010

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