Story from 2010 graduate TC Smith

When I first came to the PLC I was said to be a 9th grader (but I was supposed to be a 11th grader), and when I found that out I was sad, mad, and very upset. All the work I had done at my previous school did not count. So Ms. Jones and Mr. Gilfort worked with me and helped me out so that I could get my credits together to graduate. I really love and appreciate them for doing that. The science teacher, Mr. Ristau, put up with a lot from me. Even though we had our problems, he was my favorite teacher. We had a great student/teacher connection. Whenever I had a problem he was there to help me out and he was also a GREAT teacher. All of the teachers at the PLC had a good impact on me and I will never forget them. And I would recommend that school to any student that asked about it. The teachers are really great and they do their best to make sure that each student understands the work and that they are on the right track for graduating.

from TC Smith on Monday, September 20, 2010

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