Story from 2010 graduate Felder Shackleford

Southern High School has been a great building block in my life. Many people say bad things about the school but honestly you can’t rate it at the bottom until you have walked the everyday life as a student or teacher. Southern has played major role in my life success, the administrative staff is there fully for the love of educating the students, because their pay isn’t good enough and constantly goes down every year. No matter what their pay is they still give us their all.

Being here builds great character because you have a chance to be around people from just about every walk of life. The teachers will do whatever it takes for you to succeed and make it. Southern Durham High School is a great place to ensure your child’s education and also wellness, with the great help of Duke’s Wellness Center on campus. Southern is on the rise for greatness.

from Felder Shackleford on Saturday, July 31, 2010

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