Parent Syboney Moore's story

I am pleased to say, I have nothing but positive stories to share about my experiences and great values of my children’s schools. One particular incident, when I went to do a pop-up visit at Shepard Middle School, I stopped by the office to check in and the receptionist was extremely professional and helpful; Mr. Ingram happened to see me in the office and asked if he could assist me, and I did tell him I wanted to visit my son’s class, he personally took the time to escort me to the teacher’s classroom, please keep in mind the classroom was currently held in the trailer.

Mr. Ingram could have easily had someone else to assist me or push me off on someone else. I thought that was exceptional! I am also an employee of DPS, and that day of my visit, I did not have my badge on, and sometimes when you enter into a DPS building with your badge, you seem to get preferred treatment. I had my badge in my purse and purposely did not put it on just to see what kind of response I would get. So I was very pleased on that day, very warm welcome, kind and very courteous. … I’m a proud parent of Durham Public Schools.

from Syboney Moore on Saturday, April 24, 2010

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