Parent Sheila Alexander's story

In 2008, my family was going through a very difficult time (carrying for a parent/grandparent with Alzheimer’s) and as a result, my son was having a difficult time in the school he was attending. DPLC was recommended by one of his teachers. To this day I am very much appreciative of that teacher and especially of the faculty at DPLC. My son and I were welcomed and were give an opportunity for him to achieve his goals with the “understanding and concern” of our family situation.

My son at DPLC is not just “another statistic” or “negative component that will be detrimental to the test scores.” At DPLC, my son is first and foremost, a child who needs a high school education. He is also recognized as child who, because of circumstances beyond his control, has gotten off course and just needs some guidance and direction back to the course—high school graduation and what the future offers after high school. DPLC recognizes that there is always a cause and effect; and it is their job to try as best as they can to lessen the cause and effect a positive outcome. DPLC does not have rose-colored classes on. They know some situations are beyond their control or intervention, but for those students who are willing, DPLC is there. At DPLC there are rules and regulations to follow and consequences if the rules are not followed, but the most important aspect of DPLC to me and for my son is that the faculty REALLY DO CARE AND WANT THE CHILDREN TO SUCCEED. It is not just talk or rhetoric. DPLC offers a place for learning that involves the student on their level and way of learning. DPLC teaches the students not only the required classes, but self-esteem, self-discipline, self-awareness and most importantly, responsibility of oneself and actions. DPLC instills in the students that it is THEIR responsibility to succeed and how well and fast they accomplish it is up to them. Having control of some part of their life in a safe environment is given back to students at DPLC. The students know it is up them to succeed and if they need help in any aspect along the way DPLC faculty are there for them. DPLC prepares them to work independently if they choose to further their education either at DTTC or NCSU or NCCU or UNC or Duke. The two schedules for DPLC is great. Some students are not morning students or they have to work to help at home so being able to come in at a later time works for them. The student body at DPLC is small and this is what makes it work so well. Everybody knows everybody. I am so thankful for DPLC and the faculty there. They are very responsive to my questions and my son’s needs. The principal—you could not ask for a better role model, person, mentor, and leader. My son will graduate. If DPLC was not a viable option, I am very sure my son would have been a dropout. I thank DPLC and applaud them for all the hard work they do!

from Sheila Alexander on Saturday, April 24, 2010

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