Parent Cynthia's story

My son needed an environment that would serve as a more appropriate fit and the traditional schools were not able to do that. I found that in the traditional school setting, the environment was too large and overwhelming and not only was he getting lost in the sauce, but the teachers did not seem to care or care enough to help. It could have been that the schools were just too large with too many students and as a result of this, teachers were focused more on just getting through the day as opposed to really teaching the kids. It was a blessing to have found a school such as Durham Performance Learning Center (DPLC).

The Principal, Mr. Dan Gilfort, is awesome. He interacts with the kids and takes the time to find out what is really going on with that child that may be interrupting their ability to be successful. He lets each kid know that getting your education is a must and he stretches himself to really reach out to help. Mr. Gilfort knows that each child is there for various reasons and he does not judge but is there to do whatever he can to let them know that he truly cares and believe me, he has shown that he does. Although, he may sometimes kid around with the children, they know that he is serious and so is life. I wish there were more educational leaders like him. The counselor, Ms. Jones, taps into the core of the child by having an open door policy and providing a safe and trusting environment. She embraces each child, sees each child as an individual and addresses each issue individually. She does it with patience, thoroughness and with a sincere heart for each child. I really wish there were more counselors like her in every school. Ms. Jones is not ever too busy to give each child that special attention. Durham Performance Learning Center (DPLC) offers a very welcoming environment from the front door to the back. Ms. Walker is wonderful at the front desk. She is always very professional and patient, whether on the telephone or in person. She represents the front desk extremely well and I am sure she will do very well in any capacity. The teachers are awesome and it is very obvious that they are not just there to pick up a paycheck, they are very passionate about their work. The teachers at DPLC really care about the success of each child and I must say, the educational system desperately needs more teachers like the ones at DPLC. Bottom line, I must say it is a breath of fresh air to know that there are educators, teachers, leaders and counselors who are not there to just pick up a paycheck but who put there heart and passion into their work everyday. Although, you may not see success in each student that you help, may you live to see some of the students reach back, to give back, see your efforts and simply say “THANK YOU”. Durham Performance Learning Center (DPLC), keep up the great work and may you one day receive the positive recognition that you so rightly deserve.

from Cynthia on Saturday, April 24, 2010

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