Parent Holly McCormick's story

My daughter has attended Pearsontown Elementary for the past two years. Last year was a bit rocky as her teacher was on medical leave for most of the school year. However, this year we have had an excellent experience. Overall, Pearsontown represents what Durham is, a cultural melting pot. We love the ethnic diversity and feel confident that our children are experiencing what the world is really about.

Pearsontown has a strong learning environment, where children of all levels are encouraged to succeed. It is a large school, but you never feel crowded because the school was built to hold the large capacity. The year round calendar is wonderful! There are no “tracks” as everyone is in and out at the same time. We are able to take advantage of off-season vacations due to the year round. There are only five weeks of summer to contend with, thus most students’ retention is high. I would highly recommend Pearsontown as a safe and solid elementary school.

from Holly McCormick on Saturday, April 24, 2010

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