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I have 2 children that have attended Creekside elementary. One of my children is a rising 6th grader this year and has been with Creekside since the doors opened. We have enjoyed being part of the Creekside community. We have met wonderful teachers, parents and staff at Creekside throughout the years. We have always felt very welcomed and our concerns were always easily addressed. It wasn’t until this year that I have seen how much this school meant to our community and my family. My daughter, in 2nd grade this year, was diagnosed with leukemia.

Most schools would have been quiet about it and my daughter would have been forgotten. This is such a sensitive subject most people including our family don’t know how to address it. This school made it so much better for my family and the people that belong to it. Not only did they not forget my child but they made my child a celebrity for an entire month. Words can not express my gratitude to this wonderful school. I would have never expected anything this great from any school. They went completely above and beyond. It is such a touchy subject when a child is seriously sick. However, the empathy these kids addressed at 5-11 years old was astounding. This can not be something that is taught; it has to be learned. These kids will forever be changed. Their paths have been brightened due to wonderful spin they have put on life. I can not thank the school community enough for being there for my family throughout this horrible diagnosis. My daughter, along with every kid at that school, will be forever changed. They have already learned the life lesson “life isn’t fair.” But, I strongly believe there will be children that will do amazing things with this lesson. I strongly believe we will see strong teachers, strong nurses, doctors, oncologist, parents, etc come out of this community. This was all due to the wonderful community of Creekside that made this into such a positive experience for all involved.

from Traci on Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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