Parent Natalie J.'s story

My child has been a student at Eno Valley since kindergarten and her elementary school experience has been outstanding! We could not have asked for a more supportive and nurturing group of teachers and administrators. Not only do they provide a quality education to the students; but they also welcome the opportunity and extend the invitation for parental involvement in the school.

They are very focused on the success of every student and are open to suggestions that will contribute to their success as well. In addition, I believe that Eno Valley has one of the best AIG programs in the Durham Public Schools system. Eno Valley provides nurturing for their students early on, which provides a jump-start and prepares the students for further educational success. As a parent, I felt that the goals and objectives of Eno’s AIG program has always been efficiently and effectively communicated. My daughter will be moving on to middle school next year; and I feel confident that all of her years here at Eno Valley have equipped her with everything she needs to be just as successful in her new school environment.

from Natalie J. on Friday, May 21, 2010

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