Parent Hannah Demeritt's story

Like many parents, I found the decision about where to send my child to school very difficult. We considered magnets, charter, and year-round options and ended up sending her to EK Powe, our neighborhood school. That was one of the best decisions I have made as a parent and I cannot say enough good things about EK Powe. It is an excellent school and a very special place. EK Powe has a very strong sense of community and is a very friendly, welcoming school. The teachers and the administrators seem to know all of the kids’ names, not just those in their classroom, and as you walk the halls in the morning, everyone says hello, by name.

My daughter has had outstanding teachers who attend to her educational and social needs. She is challenged in the classroom and loves school (she asks to drive by school periodically during summer break because she misses it so much). The teachers are very dedicated to the children and to creating a positive and strong sense of community. I honestly believe that attending EK Powe has not just helped my daughter be an engaged learner, but that it has also helped her learn to be a good person. The children learn to respect each other and themselves and you can see this in the way they work together. I just read this article in the NY Times about bullying and the model of strong community and skilled teachers the article advocates for reminds me of EK Powe. . EK Powe is a peaceful, creative, engaging and nurturing environment. What more could a parent (or a kid) want?

from Hannah Demeritt on Friday, July 23, 2010

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