Parent Geoff Dunkak's story

My son attended Forest View Elementary K-5 and thanks to the great teachers and his AIG classes he was well positioned to transition to middle school. My son is doing well at DSA. He is making A’s and B’s and attending honors math and language arts classes.

He has learned how to play the piano, his confidence and public speaking ability has improved due to his theatre classes, he has sung in public chorale performances (this would’ve been unthinkable 2 years ago), he has learned to draw (a welcome respite from TV and video games) and competed on the track team—an amazing variety of life learning. We’ve been happy with the quality of the teachers. They do a great job of keeping parents informed about the school year, lesson plans and they care deeply about their students’ progress. Principal Hawks does an amazing job and delivers excellent communication to parents. We are very happy with the school.

from Geoff Dunkak on Saturday, May 22, 2010

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