Parent Diana's story

Githens welcomed us from Forest View from the very beginning at orientation. A year later I still miss Mr. Tilley’s phone calls “Over and Out HOO RAH!” He is a great principal. A Duke graduate, former pro football player, and he has the personality to encourage the best out of every child and maintain order at a large school. Our daughter took Algebra I and Geometry in 7th and 8th grade, and clearly she was prepared, because last year as a freshman at Jordan, she took Honors Algebra II and made a 96! She is going to be taking Honors PreCalculus as a sophomore. In addition, she placed out of Spanish I at Jordan because of her preparation at Githens. She took Honors Spanish II and III as a freshman, earning A’s, and is in Honors Spanish IV as a sophomore. Thank you to all of the teachers, counselors and Mr. TIlley for doing such a great job at Githens! Over and Out HOO RAH!

from Diana on Friday, September 10, 2010

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