Parent Della O. McKinnon's story

Last year I served as the Vice President for the PTA. This year I was elected as the PTA President. I really appreciate the principal’s and teachers’ involvement in PTA. At the former school my daughter attended, there was very little participation from teachers with the PTA. Yet, on the contrary, that’s what PTA is all about: “Parent-Teacher Association”. The enrichment classes at WG Pearson are awesome! This added component challenges students to be academically inclined and disciplined. The band is outstanding, the music department is fabulous!

The opportunity students have to meet their full potential is one to be recognized. The past two years, students had the opportunity to perform at Disney in Florida. Without this privilege, I’m not sure how many students would be afforded the chance and exposure to a world of possibilities! I honestly believe that students who are enrolled at WG Pearson will be better equipped for middle school with success—and without doubts. As they repeat daily over the intercom, “We are Tigers, hear us roar”!

from Della O. McKinnon on Monday, July 26, 2010

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