Parent Cathy Emrick's story

Simply put, we love Parkwood! My daughter is in AIG, and all of her teachers have been flexible and open-minded, such as allowing her to do projects on whatever has caught her interest that week and then present them to the class. We have been so pleased at all that Parkwood has had to offer her. The environment is focused on rewarding positive behavior, and we’re excited about our younger child who will start kindergarten this year.

We have met with the new principal, Mr. Somers, and are also excited about his arrival. He brings great positive energy, and is committed to engaging students, teachers, and parents in the Parkwood Elementary community. Mr. Somers has an open door policy and is eager to meet students and parents and work together to figure out how best to meet everyone’s needs. Our EOG test scores have just been released, and are continuing to improve. According to the DPS website, Parkwood met 23 (or 92.0%) out of 25 target goals, just missing AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress). Apparently, only nine of 28 elementary schools in the DPS system met AYP. Next year, I fully expect we’ll be on that list. Parkwood’s got a great future!

from Cathy Emrick on Sunday, August 8, 2010

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