Parent Ann Rebeck's story

When looking at Middle Schools three years ago I did not expect to be as nervous as I was looking at Kindergartens…but I was. The difference is that my daughter was a big part of the process and having her be there, expressing opinions really helped. Just as with Kindergarten I was amazed at the choices that DPS had to offer. I would have been happy to send her to Githens (our designated school) or Rogers Herr (our choice school). In the end we chose RHMS because we can walk there from our house. During our time at RHMS there have been two leadership changes. Despite this my daughter has experienced some of the best teaching I have ever seen. Her advanced coursework in Language Arts and Math has been exceptional. The teachers really get her and understand what she needs when she needs it. She has also had the privilege of being under the guidance of Jenny Umbarger for the Battle of the Books Team. The team has won the local tournament two years in a row. Many families go from Pearsontown to Rogers Herr. Even though we were not one of those families, my daughter has met some great kids who are serious about academics. I have been impressed with the dedication of the parent body and the openness of the principal to ideas. Mr. Fuga knows what good teaching looks like and has helped improve the quality of the staff even in the one year he has been principal. Middle School is different from elementary school. Parents are less hands on, information comes through the students and they are expected to take on more responsibility. I think the RHMS staff does a great job getting the students ready for the independence of High School.

from Ann Rebeck on Saturday, September 15, 2012

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