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My son just finished kindergarten at Hope Valley. My son was excited to go to school every day because his teacher created a wonderful learning environment in his classroom. This fact was reinforced to me one day when one of his classmates came over for a play date and they spent some time doing Writer’s workshop. Hope Valley is a diverse school. Early in the school year, the children learned to see how their classmates were alike and different. They took a field trip to the Nasher Museum and looked at pictures and paintings of people and discussed what they saw. In Writer’s Workshop, they spent most of the year writing about true events and were instructed to use real colors when illustrating their writing. I enjoyed reading my child’s account of his day and seeing the pictures he drew of himself and his classmates.

The communication level at this school is very good. We received a recorded call from the principal, Mr. Copeland, once a week with announcements about upcoming events, recaps of good things that happened at the school and a reminder to read with our children. I received a full page newsletter from my son’s teacher almost weekly with details about what the class was learning and ideas for reinforcing the lessons at home in fun ways that kept my child engaged. My preferred method of communication with my son’s teacher was via E-mail and whenever I E-mailed her with a question, she answered within one day. I was nervous about how to help my son retain what he learned. Hope Valley provided voluntary summer enrichment exercises that consist of a calendar with an activity for each day (M-F) of summer vacation and instructions to read for 20 minutes each day. My son’s teacher also provided ideas on how to help my child review what he learned this year in her final newsletter. These resources are valuable because they motivate my son by showing him that that his teachers still care about him even during summer break. I look forward to more exciting years at Hope Valley Elementary School.

from Amelia on Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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