My opinion of DPS has changed because of Hope Valley

I was very concerned when I had to move my daughter from Wake County Schools to Durham County Schools. I had a job change and had to move to the RTP area. Over the course of years, I have not heard very good things regarding Durham and their schools. After looking over the reviews, I decided to put my daughter in Hope Valley Elementary School.
And since then, my thoughts and concerns regarding Durham Public Schools have changed. They have the most friendly front office staff and teachers. My daughter came in as a Kindergartener for the second semester and was welcomed with open arms and she had the best transition. I love the fact that I can pop in whenever I want and check out her classes and the lessons that are given.
I also the fact that they give advanced classes for students who needed them.

In short, I have all good news for Durham County Schools. I am glad to say that I have a student in Durham Public Schools.

from Daniela on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

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