Parent Sandi B's story

My son is a student at Little River Elementary. He has autism and has been in the pre-school and kindergarten classes there for three years. He has made tremendous advances during this time. When he started at Little River he had all the classic signs of autism.

He was barely speaking and had extreme difficulty interacting with peers and adults. I feel because of his incredible team of teachers, teachers’ assistants, therapists and the staff at Little River my son is now mainstreaming in a regular kindergarten class. He is speaking, interacts with his classmates, reading, doing math and cannot wait to get on the bus to go to school every day. I could not praise his teachers, therapists and the staff of Little River more for transforming my son. Through their hard work, knowledge, determination, patience, love and understanding my son has a bright future ahead of him.

from Sandi B. on Monday, April 19, 2010

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