Lakewood First!

In a time of school choice, my family and I started with our neighborhood school, Lakewood Elementary. We toured, we met with the principal, we attended school events (like Walk/Bike to School Day) and at every turn we did not find a school that raised red flags for us. The teachers care for the children, the kids were getting off of the bus happy and excited, and despite low test scores, the school was making growth on those scores year after year, after year. We didn’t enter the magnet lottery or apply to charters. Our neighborhood school is our choice and we are thrilled with the results so far. Our daughter is loving learning to read. She’s discovered she loves science and wants a science experiment kit for her holiday gift. We’ve also found that the school wants us as partners, and that feels good. We’re investing our time and energy in our neighborhood school while they’re investing in our daughter. Win-win!
—Matt Sears, parent and school board member

from Matt Sears on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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