Jordan's rocketry club was one of 13 accepted into NASA program

Jordan High School’s Rocketry Team was accepted into the NASA Student Launch program again this year. The team wrote a 100+ page proposal and it was one of 13 high schools accepted nationwide into the program this year. The team is designing and building a high powered rocket that will carry a scientific experiment to an altitude of 1 mile and safely return it to Earth. This year’s payload is an improvement of last year’s “roll control system” (RCS) which keeps the rocket from rolling during flight. The test flight last April at NASA’s Marshall Spaceflight Center (MSFC) showed the RCS controlled the roll for 3.5 seconds, but not the entire flight. The team has identified what design changes are needed for a totally successful flight. They also will have the rocket deploy a small helium balloon so it can be found in the tall grass found at the launch field near the MSFC. The team is mentored by Mr. Dave Morey, a high-powered rocketry expert, and Dr. Jeffrey LaCosse, a science teacher at Jordan. This year, the team has grown to its largest size ever, and the student leadership has been excellent in leading the team towards its goal of traveling to MSFC this coming April and showing off their flying experiment.
The team’s website is

The NASA press release can be found HERE.
The list of teams (high school at bottom) can be found by clicking HERE

from Jeffrey LaCosse on Sunday, November 1, 2015

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