Holt teachers instruct with kindness and creativity

Our daughter attends Holt Elementary and is in Kindergarten. I cannot say enough fantastic things about this school! All of the teachers and administrators we’ve interacted with are amazing. Our child’s teacher and teacher’s assistant both somehow manage to teach a class of about 20 children who range from those who started school not knowing their ABC and/or speaking English to those who were reading and writing at a basic level. They both do so with kindness and creativity. They have set up small reading groups for the most advanced students and keep those students challenged. Meanwhile they are ensuring that students who need more assistance receive it and are never made to feel as though they are behind. Holt has a language program which has been fantastic for my daughter. She has been in the program for only a few months and is already trying to strike up conversations with cashiers at Compare Foods. The Spanish teacher at Holt makes the class so incredibly fun that the kids seem to think they’re playing rather than learning. My daughter comes home some weeks and announces, “Mom, guess what? I have Spanish homework!” then she does a happy dance. Thank you, Holt!

from Bonnie on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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