Grandparent and PTA member Cookie Coppedge's story

I have volunteered with Eastway Elem. School for almost 5 years now. I have been involved with the PTA also as the President. To me there is not enough room to write what I need to. From the principal Star Sampson to the rest of the office and to the teachers you could NOT ask for a better group of people to work with your child. So many take to heart their jobs, doing things for a child that needs that extra hug they didn’t get at home to that one-on-one help with school work. They go beyond their jobs and their pay check, when you see a child that needs a pair of socks on in cold weather or a coat or sweater they go. And I have never heard “I had to do this, I had to do that”; it is for real straight from their heart for caring.

I have been there when a child said they were hungry on a Monday morning because they had nothing at home over the weekend, what did the staff do but feed the child and on Friday made sure a nice package went home. To me Eastway is family looking out for family. I know a paycheck means a lot but so does love and passion for your job and for the education for a child so they can grow up and be the person they want to be. From Eastway they will make it and not be a thug in the street because LORD knows we have enough. Eastway wants the children to succeed. I have seen teachers stay after school and work with them also have different tutoring after school. When it is time for bench marks or EOG they prepare these kids. As I will always say, Eastway is the best.

from Cookie Coppedge on Friday, July 16, 2010

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