French, Spanish and ESL teacher Anabela Ançã Mendes's story

The faculty at the Durham School of the Arts (DSA) is neither slouching nor apathetic about their craft: they ignite by example a contagious fascination for the arts which goes beyond the classroom. They are models and leading learners, alive and vibrant about the subject they teach.

Together, student and teacher alike, they take risks; piece by piece they mold the soul of our school in an insatiable, fertile environment. We thrive and grow here ~ with each stroke of paint, camera shutter, poem on paper, word spoken, melody sang and played, potato launched, problem solved, grace on stage, and on we go. DSA is a remarkable community of learners, a canvas of human creativity and beauty!

from Anabela Ançã Mendes on Friday, May 21, 2010

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