Forest View is a real community

I unreservedly recommend Forest View Elementary School. When my daughter first started at Forest View, I thought, “how on earth can the teachers and staff get to know her? She’s just a little kindergartner in a sea of ‘big’ kids!”
I was more than pleasantly surprised. Her teacher quickly learned her strengths (and her challenges). Her specials teachers inspired her. The librarian not only knew her, but knew what she was reading, what she liked and what she didn’t like to read. In the pickup line, when I visited for lunch or to volunteer, staff members (even those who aren’t on the Kindergarten team!) would greet my daughter by name — would greet ME by her name, even if I wasn’t walking with my daughter at the time. Their memories are prodigious! The teachers and staff at Forest View truly care about students. They care about each student. I’ve volunteered in classes and have seen teachers celebrate a struggling student for recognizing the “t” sound just as much as they’ve celebrated academically advanced students for adding with double digits. Teachers at Forest View are attuned to each student’s individual gifts. I also love the diversity at Forest View — there are students here from all over the world! My daughter has had the chance to learn with (and from!) students from China, Iran, Jamaica, the Czech Republic, and more. The students are encouraged to share about their cultures — my child is truly getting an excellent and worldly education just by attending Durham Public Schools! Thank you, Forest View Elementary, for giving my child so much — we’re loving it and looking forward to the rest of elementary school!

from Joyce G. on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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