EK Powe emphasizes lifelong learning

As Sadie got closer to school-age there was not a doubt that she would attend public school. We embarked on our public school journey in August of 2014 and are still going strong, over a year later. The day-to-day experiences that Sadie has at school are meaningful, enriching and are guided by the educators who seek to create lifelong knowledge seekers with skills and perseverance to answer questions. The education that she is receiving is wholesome – not just math or literacy, but how children can use this knowledge to inspire greater thinking. Furthermore, our children are learning to work well with others (peers) to solve bigger problems. These are essential life skills and, in my opinion, are the critical markers of education and growth. The aforementioned meet and many times exceeds my expectations for Sadie’s education. What we didn’t expect was Sadie’s transition to kindergarten to be so hard. During much of kindergarten we worked closely with her teacher and school staff so that Sadie could feel comfortable in her new environment and with the expectations of elementary school. Having these repeated, compassionate and strategic conversations with EK Powe teachers and staff made me realize that their job requirements (and skills) extend to areas that may not be apparent to families who do not need to access school supports. With the direction and patience shown to our family in kindergarten Sadie entered first grade with confidence and pride. EK Powe is truly a place to grow – for our daughter, our family and our community.

from Dora Gosselin on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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