DPS teacher and Carrington parent R. Baker's story

From the day I toured Carrington when my son was in 4th grade, I was impressed. I remained that way all the way through this school year, his 6th grade year. From the tours they give to potential students, to the welcome I received when I registered him as a transfer student, to the parent meetings we had prior to school starting, I always felt Carrington was organized and professional. This past school year simply proved me correct.

The staff and administration is always available and supportive. They respond quickly to phone calls and emails and are available personally. My son got the most out of his 6th grade year. He was involved in the Newspaper club, Iron Cougars and the spring musical. During the 2nd half of the year, he was in the after school program which is also staffed by Carrington teachers. He enjoyed all of those activities! His teachers were fabulous and he loved his classes. A 6th grader faces many new challenges both academically and socially. His teachers were there to support the students through it all. I can’t say enough great things about the Gladiator teachers. What a great 6th grade year we had at Carrington!

from R. Baker on Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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