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My daughter attends Brogden Middle School. She has found her first year in middle school to be challenging and fun. She is in AIG classes and has brought home excellent grades so far and loves her teachers. She has made a bunch of new friends since Brogden brings together kids from several different elementary schools. I can certainly recommend Brogden as a good school with a safe environment.

One negative is the ‘Careers’ elective that all 6th graders apparently have to take for half the year. Despite the potential this class could offer in exposing kids to real world jobs, the time is largely wasted on very simple worksheets and movies. Involvement of RTP firms should be sought out to make this course truly valuable. Brogden also has some maintenance and capital needs, as part of the school is well worn and showing its age. DPS and the Durham County Commissioners have not provided adequate spending for maintenance at Brogden for too long.

from Todd on Saturday, April 24, 2010

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