Testimonials for WG Pearson

Parent Emily Wilkins's story

My daughter started Kindergarten this year at W.G. Pearson Elementary. Like all parents of children going to school for the first time we were hopeful but nervous. Our nerves were soon put to rest when we saw how she thrived in her kindergarten class.

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Parent Janice Ascher's story

There are many wonderful teachers and caring people at WG. I value that they have met each of my children at their academic level and provided opportunities for them to continue learning and loving to learn at a brisk pace. The energy of the teachers my children have had is amazing.

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Durham resident Rebecca's story

When considering what to do with my child when the question of Kindergarten was nearing, so many people suggested that we move to Chapel Hill. But Chapel Hill’s schools, while ranked well, do not offer many choices and in some cases, can be too intense for some children. I appreciated the diversity offered through Durham’s public magnet schools.

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