Testimonials for Hope Valley

Story from parent Page

I don’t have a specific story to share about Hope Valley Elementary. For me, it is an overall positive feeling for the school that makes me happy that my children are there. Even though Hope Valley is a large elementary school, there is a community feel within the school. My children are happy and eager to return each week, which can sometimes be a challenge! The teachers are very eager to involve parents in their classrooms. The administration works closely with the PTA to make sure we are doing everything we can for our children. Spending time working at the school in the classroom, at events or just stopping by to check in, I know that Hope Valley Elementary was the right choice for my family!

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Story from "Proud Hope Valley Parent" Bridget Vazquez

My daughter, who is now 7 years old, has always been very shy and timid. She was the child who lacked some self-confidence and was afraid to try things on her own. She would get very frustrated if her work was not right the first time and she was being pushed (without really knowing it) from her teachers. Brianna has stepped out of her shell and now as a 2nd grader is ready to embrace new challenges and work hard to stay on top.

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Parent Carol Mansfield's story

We have been very happy with Hope Valley. Our kids have all had great teachers, who have prepared them well for middle school. I like the creative ways that the teachers combine language arts, math, art, science, music, and computers into projects. One child’s class created a Civil War museum — the kids researched life during that time period, created displays with information they learned, then they dressed up in costume and invited parents to visit the museum. In another project, they listened to music by a variety of composers and read about their lives. They drew a picture of what the music sounded like and wrote a few words about each composer. They have created illustrated poetry books (at several grade levels). The PE teacher measured out distances around campus and the classes competed to see which class could walk “across the U.S.” first. The kids had fun and got more exercise.

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Parent Katy Hall's story

Our children have had an incredible series of teachers at Hope Valley, who bring out the best in each and every student in each and every classroom. Our eldest daughter entered kindergarten with a very diverse group: Some children in the class didn’t know colors, letter or numbers, while others, like my daughter, had been to pre-school and were in the early stages of reading with decoding words. I was amazed as I watched our teacher work in small groups and individually throughout the year until every child in that class was reading.

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