Testimonials for Forest View

Parent Julie Carrow's story

I grew up in Chapel Hill and I must admit I was concerned about the Durham Public School System. I have been pleasantly surprised with our experiences with both of our two boys. The teachers have been top notch and communication has been fantastic.

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Story from parent Geoff Dunkak

Forest View has been a wonderful experience for our children. We have had children there for the past eight years and the school has consistently met their needs. We love so many things about our school: The amazingly diverse population—FV has students from more than 25 countries. Our children are growing up with exposure to so many different cultures. We believe this will help them succeed in the global economy.

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Scott and Lynell Batchelor's story

Before sending our first child to Forest View Elementary a few years ago, we toured the school. Even though it was the middle of summer, we could tell it had all the things we were looking for in an elementary school. Now after three years, we continue to have a great experience as we prepare to send child #2 to kindergarten there next year.

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Parent Elizabeth Ely Tolman's story

What do I love most about Forest View? I love it that the teachers collaborate to enhance education for all students. A recent example to demonstrate: on a beautiful day in April, the students walked to a nearby creek (part of Duke Forest). The dance, music, gym, and art teachers were there to help make the most of the day.

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Parent Amy P.'s story

We, like many Durham parents, were concerned about sending our children to a Durham Public School. However, we have been pleasantly surprised. I do not have one bad thing to say about our experience with the school that our children attend [Forest View]. They are thriving both educationally and socially.

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