Testimonials for Elementary Schools

Holt teachers instruct with kindness and creativity

Our daughter attends Holt Elementary and is in Kindergarten. I cannot say enough fantastic things about this school! All of the teachers and administrators we’ve interacted with are amazing. Our child’s teacher and teacher’s assistant both somehow manage to teach a class of about 20 children who range from those who started school not knowing their ABC and/or speaking English to those who were reading and writing at a basic level. They both do so with kindness and creativity.

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Forest View is very diverse

Forest View has been a wonderful school for our family. The teachers and staff are wonderful and I know many teachers fairly well – even though my children never had them! It is a diverse school and I love that my children have made friends from and learned about the culture in other countries.

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Forest View is a real community

I unreservedly recommend Forest View Elementary School. When my daughter first started at Forest View, I thought, “how on earth can the teachers and staff get to know her? She’s just a little kindergartner in a sea of ‘big’ kids!”
I was more than pleasantly surprised. Her teacher quickly learned her strengths (and her challenges). Her specials teachers inspired her.

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EK Powe emphasizes lifelong learning

As Sadie got closer to school-age there was not a doubt that she would attend public school. We embarked on our public school journey in August of 2014 and are still going strong, over a year later. The day-to-day experiences that Sadie has at school are meaningful, enriching and are guided by the educators who seek to create lifelong knowledge seekers with skills and perseverance to answer questions. The education that she is receiving is wholesome – not just math or literacy, but how children can use this knowledge to inspire greater thinking.

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I love Club's nurturing atmosphere

My favorite thing about Club is the nurturing atmosphere. I really believe the entire school is focused on letting the kids be themselves and loving learning. I also think it is critical to consider your children’s peers when selecting their school. They learn so much from one another about social interactions and the world outside their own.

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