Testimonials for EK Powe

Parent Nina's story

We believe that E.K. Powe is a great school, evidenced by our daughter’s enthusiasm for it. E.K. Powe has a wonderful community. The teachers are top notch. The principal is a strong and responsive leader. And we have made new friends among parents and other kids there, whom we often see at Oval Park after school or neighborhood events throughout the year. It is a relatively small school, so it is easy to get to know people. Additionally, because it is our neighborhood school, our daughter can walk or ride her bike to it.

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Parent Adam Rust's story

Powe benefits from concerned teachers and a very driven principal. I believe that a principal is the key difference maker in the success or failure of a school. Powe is a community. Powe is a place that always wants to get better. Powe does a good job of encouraging parent involvement. Our child flourished in the atmosphere at Powe.

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Parent Kimberly Newton's story

My family has been a part of the EK Powe family for eight years. We have relocated out of Durham, and came straight back to Powe upon our return. We have even tried the charter school avenue, and didn’t find that to be in comparison to our experience with (EK Powe) one of the best schools in the Durham Public School system.

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Story from parents Rodrigo Dorfman and Melissa Chiti

My wife and I grew up in Europe during our early formative years and if there was one common wish we had for our children – when picking an elementary school for them – it was the joy and the opportunity to walk to school with them. (I have a First Grader and a Fourth grader). We live a few blocks from EKPOWE and so we readily made our first visit there to see if this was truly a “neighborhood” school. For me, that’s a school that not only has a lot of kids who actually live in the neighborhood, but also a school that feels like a tight knit community.

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Parent Cyrus Dastur's story

My oldest daughter is a first grader at E.K. Powe, and my wife and I are very happy with our first two years there. We considered magnet schools and private schools for her Kindergarten, and visited Powe several times during our search for the right place for our kid. During each of those visits (an open house, a tour by the principal and assistant principal, and a tour by two dynamite 5th graders) we were struck by the quality, commitment and kind spirit of Powe’s students and staff.

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