Testimonials for Club Blvd.

1st grade student Peri's story

Things I like about Club Blvd: My teacher is funny because she sometimes speaks some weird Spanish. When she gets high expectations that means she just wants you to do your best. I like that the art teacher puts pretty pictures that people have made out in the front lobby. I like that she is nice to kids and teachers. I like the media center because you can check out books. There are funny ones and knowledge books.

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Kindergarten student Sammi's story

I am in Kindergarten and my Kindergarten teacher is a really amazing teacher. I started off on a Level 3 book; she helped me when I was on a Level 3 and now I’m on a Level 6 from all her help with me. I really like the way she explains things and helps us learn. She really helped me by sounding out a lot of words, and she has star words that help me learn. I really like her! She gives us time to write a lot and I’ve really learned to write, and she helped me do a really good job on my progress report!

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1st grade student Hans's story

I am a first grader. With my two years at Club Blvd, I have already started really loving it. I’m glad we have recess and I’m glad the teachers help us learn. My 1st grade teacher is an amazing teacher! I like the way she tries to help explain. She helps us learn to write not-boring sentences; instead we write amazing, super-galactic sentences! My last teacher helped us write by writing some of the important words on the whiteboard. I learned to be a really good writer.

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1st grade student Wilhelmina's story

I am a first grader. My teacher is the best teacher in the world!!!! She is very silly in a very good way and we do a lot of work in class but she makes it super fun. :) Every one at Club is nice. All of the teachers and the people in the office and the library and the lunch room. My favorite thing is specials.

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Parent Lindsay Vail's story

As the parent of a 1st grader and a Kindergartner, my experience with choosing a school is recent. We considered many options (public, private, charter, home) and ultimately decided that Club Boulevard would be the best option for our family. In our second year there, we remain happy with our choice. There are many things we value about Club Blvd. One is the strong sense of community—that we are all (teachers and parents) there to support the entire school community. Parents are welcomed by teachers; and whether you can put a lot of time into volunteering at the school, or are only able to make the rare occasion, parents are valued as part of the learning process.

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