Testimonials for Hillside New Tech

Parent Marlane Hester's story

I am a proud parent of a rising Junior at Hillside New Tech. New Tech has been everything that I’ve expected and so much more. The project based learning experience is different from what you would normally get in a traditional school setting, but you would definitely be pleased with the outcome, it is phenomenal!

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Parent Sherrie Green's story

I am so blessed that my child Shanice Green has the opportunity to be a student at Hillside New Tech. This Project-Based learning atmosphere has a small environmental setting which gives her the opportunity to build a strong relationship with her fellow students, teachers and especially principal Dr. William Logan.

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Parent Bobbi Hadersbeck's story

Academics: The transition from 8th grade to 9th grade is often difficult for most students. A new school, new teachers, and new classmates can be overwhelming. The academic pace quickens and, if you believed the rumors about Hillside being filled with gang-bangers, thieves, teen parents, and dumb jocks, making new friends could seem a bit intimidating. Having heard all of these rumors, I admit that I was a bit skeptical about sending my child to any part of Hillside. I am proud to say that my child transitioned smoothly, mostly due to the lines of communication between faculty and me to being wide open at Hillside New Tech. I truly appreciate Dr. Logan and his faculty for continually keep me aware of my child’s academic performance. The faculty of Hillside New Tech is passionate about ensuring their students succeed on both the high school and collegiate levels. Their project-based learning program has strengthened my child’s leadership abilities, verbal communication and team-building skills. These are highly valued skill sets that are easily translated outside of the classroom.

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Story from NCCU Associate Dean M. La Verne Reid

I am truly energized by the structure and approach to academics I have observed at Hillside New Tech High School. The project based learning approach served to provide more than just a mastery of academic material. The outcome of this approach is that students become better citizens from the collaborative approach to learning and to the endurance skills required for the completion of projects. They learn the art of negotiation and compromise as they assess their skill sets and those of their colleagues. Both oral and written communication skills are advanced in this learning approach as each student is required to make multiple presentations in all types of venues. Above all, the setting is most conducive to learning.

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Parent Felecia Jones's story

As a parent, I can say that I appreciate the support of the entire New Tech Staff. They were all very willing to do and did everything that they could at any time there may have been a crisis and confidential problem. The staff served to be skillful in their abilities to teach, show discipline, and they knew when to be relaxed. Yes, New Tech experiences its challenges with the diversity of personalities, but their goal is to strive for excellence.

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