Testimonials for WG Pearson

Story from science teacher Beverly J. McNeill

Our school has enrichment classes which are designed to allow students to study an area in which they are interested or to investigate something totally new. Student and parent input affect the direction of classes, and a parent who is a neurobiologist is working with me to develop a class using up-to-date information on brain research. Students will learn how the brain works and actually do research. This idea grew out of a discussion prior to our science fair, at which the parent was a judge.

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Story from teacher Charlyn Holland

I have been a teacher assistant at W.G. Pearson Magnet for three years of my 20+ years as a teacher assistant. I am proud to be a Pearson Tiger. We have some of the most dedicated staff, parents and students anywhere. I feel we all (staff, parents and students) chose W.G. Pearson because we believe EVERY CHILD HAS A GIFT. We take on the challenge by encouraging and providing our students the opportunity to express themselves. The enrichment/elective classes give the students choices from art, sports, dance, cooking, science, chorus, band and many others.

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Teacher Angela Brown's story

I was hired two years ago as a teacher assistant and I have been a part of the great strides and accomplishments that both students and teachers have shared, whether it’s academics or extra curricular activities. We as teachers share a strong attachment to the well being of our students as well as their academic success. I love being a part of the W.G. Pearson Tigers!!!!!

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Parent Della O. McKinnon's story

Last year I served as the Vice President for the PTA. This year I was elected as the PTA President. I really appreciate the principal’s and teachers’ involvement in PTA. At the former school my daughter attended, there was very little participation from teachers with the PTA. Yet, on the contrary, that’s what PTA is all about: “Parent-Teacher Association”. The enrichment classes at WG Pearson are awesome! This added component challenges students to be academically inclined and disciplined. The band is outstanding, the music department is fabulous!

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Story from Principal Kecia Rogers

The multiple successes at WG Pearson cannot be measured by tests alone. Many of our students successfully collaborate, compete, engage and perform across district as well as in and outside of the state of North Carolina in both academic and visual/performing arts opportunities such as Odyssey of the Mind, Junior Achievement’s Biz Town Economics Finance simulations, the musical production of 101 Dalmatians performed center stage in Downtown Disney, Orlando Florida, as well as our elementary students placing in the DPS Middle School Honor’s Band and All-State Band competitions just to name a few. Needless to say, we are very proud of the hands-on and minds-on learning experiences we provide here at WG Pearson. Most importantly, we are proud of our students!

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