Testimonials for Spring Valley

Spring Valley has a technology design focus

I began working with the new principal Sara Sanchez in the Summer of 2015. We agreed that I would publish an update or newsletter on our neighborhood social network – Next Door that goes out to about 2,500 homes in our area. In the newsletter, which goes out weekly, we’d post some ways parents could engage and help the school. Through multiple resources I shared, via conversations, and through interaction with the stakeholders – we decided technology design would be our focus.

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What's good at Spring Valley

[NOTE: This article was originally published on the blog of the Durham Association of Educators. Click HERE to read the story and view its associated photographs.]

As you all know, DAE is an organization that is trying to build a movement to defend and transform our schools into the kinds of places that we ALL deserve. To get there, we’ll be taking on lots of campaigns to win things like a school board election, changes in policy, or due process rights for educators.

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Parent Edie Perra's story

I have been pleased with my daughter’s teacher, in the fact, that I feel we have an open communication. Since we are both Christians, we have a common thread and she understands our viewpoint as parents and our child’s education and what we do not want her exposed to.

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