Testimonials for Southern School of Engineering

Story from parent Patricia Robbins

My son came to Southern School of Engineering after attending a small private school since age 3. We had concerns about the quality of education that he would receive in a public school setting, as well as how he would deal with a much larger class size. I am pleased and proud to say that at SSOE he has experienced continued academic success and personal growth. His teachers were always encouraging and supportive. The principal and counselor consistently “set the bar” high to keep him focused on his goals. My son received the individual attention that he needed to be a successful student.

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Parent Stacy A.'s story

My daughter is a rising Sophomore. She had a very successful Freshman year. The school is very aggressive and I appreciate the small classroom size. The principal and the teachers are very attentive to the students and are very proactive towards any situations that may arise. The School of Engineering is a great school and well-needed in the community. Please continue to support our school.

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Parent Charlene Taylor's story

Last year was my child’s first year and high school and I was very anxious about the experience. My anxiousness quickly turned to comfort and joy and I saw my child coming home with great stories about she was learning and the experiences she was having in school. Everyone in the school from the principal, teachers, and guidance counselor to the administrative assistant knows my child and goes the extra mile to make sure she is taken care of. We have been more than pleased.

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Parent Dana M. Hodges's story

I must say I was unsure in choosing a high school for my son. I wanted a smaller school that had my son’s best interest at heart and the intimate relationship that demonstrated his wellbeing along with all facets of high school spirit. Today, my son is a junior at the Southern School of Engineering and I know all of his teachers and they know my son. I could not ask for more in the principal, Mr. Taylor, in being an astute overseer of his students and our sons and daughters, a listener with implementation in quickly listening and solving all parents’ concerns, and as a knowledgeable leader in his craft.

The experience for students has prepared them for college level courses and routines. The Southern School of Engineering will have its first graduating class in 2011 and has surpassed “outside” expectations in scores in Biology, Algebra I and other courses. If you are looking for a school on the rise with a small intimate environment, however, not missing the high school experience, then the Southern School of Engineering is the place to be!

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